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How To Celebrate Your Birthday Like A Fashionista

How To Celebrate Your Birthday Like A Fashionista

Oh, the fashionista. Each morning, she primps and primes until ever look is flawless. She transforms department store buys into designer looks. She envies the life of Miranda Priestly though she lives more like Andy Sacs. The fashion forward diva’s style never disappoints.

With the fashionista Birthday Girl, not a resource is wasted when it’s spent looking perfect. When it comes to her special day, we must all dress to kill and be camera ready. Here are some ravished ideas for fashionista festivities.

Shopping– Of course shopping is a fashionista’s favorite thing to do. Adventure to a new plaza or mall for some retail therapy. Level up the experience by creating a mall scavenger hunt! Birthday Girl BOSS Tip: Visit a pop-up shop for exclusive retail from designers all over the world.

Photo-shoot– Ready for close-up? Scheduling a photo-shoot is a great way to commemorate the special day. Whether it be solo or in a group a photo-shoot gives an opportunity to see yourself in a new light.  

Runway show– If you’re like most of us, a mere $1,500 to get to NYFW is a bit out of budget to see exclusive designer clothing. Call the creatives for a little DIY designing! Collect some outdated clothes, and craft tools to turn the old into the new. Afterward, throw a fashion show (flashy lights, confetti, the whole nine) to show off the new creations.

Written By Alexis Fantroy

Birthday Girl Milestones

Birthday Girl Milestones

Ladies, let’s be real. After the 21-year-old birthday bash time seems to fly. Toasting to the ending of childhood causes us to stumble into the adulthood. As priorities shift as much as our bodies, the reality of aging becomes ever present. As the milestones pass, it may seem difficult to celebrate. Consider these options when planning your birthday through the decades.


Grown and Sexy

Image result for 25

Call the insurance company! You are now a bon-a-fide adult with full admission to the grown and sexy club. The GROWN: In this milestone, there is room to evaluate the direction your life. Be a big girl and check into 401K building and investing. Instead of spending money on those new $100 heels, invest the money into a stock or company that will profit the future. The SEXY: 25 and fine; perfect reason to wine and dine! Dress up a bit and go out for a sophisticated dining experience. Invite the girls for some Sex in the City vibes, or drop the suggestion to that special someone. BG BOSS Tip: Dine solo for some intimate you time. Let the bartender or waitress know it’s your birthday (it may bring perks)!


Worthy Thirty

Image result for 30

Thirty is the most dreaded age for most women. A unique way to mark this milestone is with a photo shoot! Use this creative process as a coming out party of sorts. Thirty is a step into true adulthood. Show off your Birthday Girl BOSS style in front of the frame. Don’t want to grow up? Chances are your circle is (or has) gone through the same threshold. Check out our article on throwing the ultimate sleepover for a more age defying celebration. 


 Fearless Forty

Image result for 40 birthday

A new era has dawned and should be celebrated! The possibilities are endless. Plan a trip. Be selfish. Turning 40 is the new mark for re-self-discovery and regeneration. Check an activity off your bucket list or make a new one. And if you don’t have a bucket list quite yet, now is the perfect time to make one.


Fancy Fifty

Image result for 50 birthday

The fabulous age of 50 is highly underestimated. This marks half a century for the Birthday Girl! Fifty should be celebrated in the fanciest way! Pamper yourself in a day spa. Take advantage of full body massages, mud baths and medi-pedi. At half a century, you are wise and fearless.


Written By Lexi Fantroy

5 Unique Desserts For The Birthday Girl

5 Unique Desserts For The Birthday Girl

Thoughts of cake parallel with birthday tradition. Bright and beautiful in the center of the table. The glow of the candles illuminating the faces of loved ones. Rising chorus of song as the anticipated blow darkens the room. One wish. The knife exposes the inner layers, beautifully crafted. Memories of fluffy, moist textures lying softly on your palate. The smooth sweetness of frosting layering the taste buds.

Birthday cake is a most necessary annual staple. We could write about the different types, but this is not that article. Here at Birthday Girl, we like to mix things up! The BG babe is all but ordinary and should dine as such.


Here are some 5 unique desserts for the birthday girl!


Image result for Affogato

An affogato is an Italian dessert that combines a scoop of gelato doused with a shot of espresso. The combination of the cool gelato and the warmth from espresso makes for a delicious end to an evening meal. BG BOSS Tip: Make it a nightcap! Try with a shot of Amaretto instead of espresso.

Nutella Brownies

Image result for Nutella Brownies

Nutella Brownies are a new twist on a traditional dessert. Hazelnut and chocolate flavors in a warm, dense cake make a great replacement from birthday cake. If Gluten is something you’re afraid of, fret not! They’re several recipes that can be found online without the Gluten in it.


Boba Tea

Image result for boba tea

Boba Tea originated in Taiwan with black tea, milk and blended fruits. There are prepared with various flavors with tapioca pearls at the bottom. The tea has recently taken the US by storm, and it’s made a lot of people either love or hate those little black Boba Balls. This is something that would be perfect for the adventurous Birthday Girl who loves to try new foods.


Mango Pie

Image result for mango pie

If cheesecake and key lime pie had a love child, mango pie would be it! The tropical flavors in this delectable dessert make for a wonderful birthday sweet treat. The difference in texture is sure to throw your taste buds into a wild frenzy of excitement. Each bite will taste better than the last, and the Birthday Girl will surly want seconds of this delicious dessert. Throw a candle on this dish during the birthday song for a creative remix.


Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes

Image result for Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes

Ok, we couldn’t leave all cakes behind without a BG twist. Strawberry Margarita Cupcakes combines all the female favorites! With fresh fruit and a delicious bottom, this dessert is sure to drive the birthday girl wild. Don’t just take our word for it, check out an awesome video tutorial on how to make this amazing dessert and try it for your self:

Written by Lexi Fantroy


How To Celebrate The Bohemian Birthday Girl

How To Celebrate The Bohemian Birthday Girl

The modern-day hippies have made a mark for themselves in the digital native era. Women are connecting to their ancestral background and reconnecting to their universal power. Mystical matrons usually don’t require the fancy, high-end glam of the normal girl. It is best to celebrate the bohemian Birthday Girl with gifts and experiences that will stimulate their greater purpose and evolution. Here are some ideas to display gratitude for the goddess on her special day.

  1. Get Dirty (nature trails, planting/gardening, etc.)

What better way to get grounded than to dig into the soil? Take the Birthday Girl with the green thumb to Home Depot or Lowe’s, grab tools and seeds and get to work! Spend the day connecting with Mother Earth; nourishing the land. Top it off with some fresh (spiked) lemonade for a refreshing mist in the day.

  1. Physical Restoration

Another great way to bring in the new chapter is by pampering. Catering to the body for rejuvenation can bring just the right element to a birthday. Ancient practices like acupuncture, Reiki and hot yoga have proven to purify the body and mind.

  1. Create and Craft

Crafts are always a great way to show appreciation for loved ones. Find a good DIY project and create something that will last a lifetime. Dream-catchers, bath bombs and candles are easy DIY activities that you can do solo and give as a gift or create together

  1. Visit a mystic

The world is full of powerful mystics connected to the spiritual realms. Keep an open mind and delve into the spirit with reiki healers, tarot card or palm readers. These experiences can be (third) eye opening and therapeutic. BG BOSS Tip: Do research on healers. Not everyone posing as a mystic is as Zen as they claim. Check reviews and reputation before scheduling any appointments.

  1. Retreat

Whether you’re in need of healing, urging for uplift or just want to be in a peaceful place, there is a retreat made for the cause. Retreat from the hustle of everyday life to make new connections and get quality RnR.

Written By: Lexi Fantroy

birthday trip

Let’s Get Childish

Let’s Get Childish

Aging. One should never ask a woman about it. Cosmetic companies won’t let you forget it’s happening, and Facebook brings back the haunting memories as reminders. There are two methods of approach; to run from it or relish in it.

When that special time of year is approaching, reflections of the past years can send emotions into a stir. Adulthood brings perspective of how good it was to be young. Childhood memories of the ignorant bliss. Those celebrations filled with balloons, friends and cake seemed so joyous; so simple. So why not bring it back? Oh, to be a kid again!

Let’s Get Childish

As an adult, being called childish is rarely a compliment. After a certain age it is told one should act their age and not their shoe size. What if, on the special day we did just that? Let the sole of the shoes determine how childish you want to get. Renting a bounce house is a sure way to get guest loosened up. Activities like pillow sack races, 4Square, hide-and-seek are all-inclusive games to tap into the inner youth.

Curate a party playlist of songs that were wrong for us then, but awesome now! Use the playlist to start an old school dance battle. Want to pre-teen things up a bit? Break out those Von Dutch trucker hats and halter tops! Throw a viewing party of teen flicks like Scary Movie, 10 Things I Hate about You and Clueless. Grab single friends for games like Spin the Bottle and 7-Minutes in Heaven. Consent is now a thing we understand but never makes it less awkward.

Birthday Girl’s don’t watch their calories on their special day! Stack the snack bar with sugary, carb-filled treats. Candy, chips, sandwiches and of course CAKE and ICE CREAM (don’t forget the sprinkles). In addition to sodas add, CapriSuns or other juice boxes as refreshments. Pouch frozen margaritas can also be served for balance of the theme. For my health nuts, there are still ways to stuff the face guilt free. Ants on a log (peanut butter and raisins on celery sticks), chessy broccoli, sweet and salty trail mix are also yummy treats to enjoy. Kombucha and skinny margs are a great way to keep the calorie count low.

BG Boss Tips:

  • Create invitations that highlight the theme. Colorful balloons meet martini glasses. Sexy men dressed as animals. Be creative!
  • Compile a list of favorite childhood games (Uno, Twister, double dutch, etc.). See how you can make them into ‘grownup’ games.
  • Go heavy on the color. Don’t be afraid to play in an obnoxious rainbow color scheme.
  • Make an arts n crafts table where everyone can make the Birthday Girl a personalized birthday card.


Just because the clock keeps ticking doesn’t mean we can’t pretend. Turn back the hands of time in honor of the youth taken for granted. Party like its 1999 for old time’s sake. Toss aside the heels and throw on those beat up Keds or Converse. It is important to remember that time is infinite. You’re as young as you feel. Be rejuvenated by being juvenile.

Written By Lexi Fantroy

Birthday Girl Cocktails

Birthday Girl Cocktails

Everybody loves a boozy Birthday Girl! Luscious libations are always the move for birthday celebrations. Here are some easy cocktails to mix up with the crew!

Vodka – Most popular liquor of choice. This simple cocktail is a twist on vodka-cran mix. (BG BOSS Tips: Titos vodka is gluten free!)

Cocktail: The Redhead

Image result for Cocktail: The Redhead

Ingredients: 2 ounces of Vodka + 1.5 oz Ginger ale + 1 ounces of cranberry

Garnish: Lime

Directions: Place ice in glass. Pour and stir together vodka and cranberry. Top with Ginger ale. Place lime wheel or wedge on the side of the glass. Squeeze the lime in for extra flavor.


Gin – An acquired taste for the botanical babe. Show off with this delectable sweet treat.

Cocktail: Fresh Passion

Image result for Cocktail: Fresh Passion

Ingredients: 1.5oz Gin + 1 Passion fruit (or 2oz passion fruit juice) + 10 mint leaves + 1/4oz honey

Garish: Mint leaf

Directions: Remove flesh from passion fruit. Place chunks of passion fruit and mint leaves into shaker (or tall cup). Muddle together fruit and mint. Add gin, honey and ice in shaker. Shake well and drain into a glass. Garnish with a floating mint leaf.


Tequila – What’s a party without tequila! She’s more than just margaritas. (BG BOSS Tip: Tequila comes in Blanco (white), Oro (gold), Añejo and Reposado. Find which flavor fit you to customize the taste.)

Cocktail: Mexican Mule

Image result for Cocktail: Mexican Mule

Ingredients: 1.5oz Tequila, 2oz Ginger Beer (we suggest Gosling’s or Barritt’s), 0.5 oz lime juice

Garnish: Lime wedge, jalapeño slice, stem of cilantro (optional)

Directions: In a copper mug, pour tequila and lime juice. Top with Ginger beer, lightly stir. Garnish with lime, jalapeno and cilantro.


Whiskey – Women who like whiskey are a special breed. They aren’t afraid of robust flavors or a little hair chest (figuratively speaking of course)!

Cocktail: Silver 75

Image result for Cocktail: Silver 75

Ingredients: 1.5oz Whiskey (BG Boss Tip: Buffalo Trace Whiskey works best for this drink), 0.5oz lemon juice, 0.5 simple syrup, top with sparkling white wine to taste.

Garish: Lemon peel and Cherry

Directions: Mix whiskey, lemon juice and simple syrup into cocktail shaker. Lightly shake and strain into glass (no ice). Top with sparkling white wine. Garish with cherry and lemon peel in drink.


Brandy– A rare find for the drinking BG. This punch gives a different take on this underrated spirits.

Cocktail: Peachy Punch

Image result for Cocktail: Peachy Punch

Ingredients: 2 cups of frozen peaches (lightly thawed), ½ cup of Brandy, 1/3 cup honey, ½ sliced lemon, 1 bottle white wine (dry), ½ cup soda water.

Garnish: Peaches floating in punch bowl

Directions: Mix all ingredients but soda water into punch bowl. Give a light stir. Top with soda water and serve over ice.


Enjoy these cocktails no matter what liquor preference. Make bigger portions for the party or keep it tasteful with a personal. Cocktails are made for the boozy Birthday Girl!

Written by: Lexi Fantroy

How To Cheer Up The Birthday Girl

How To Cheer Up The Birthday Girl

It’s the bestie’s birthday! Arrangements have been made. The crew has been summoned. The party is about to commence without a hitch. Pulling up to the BG’s house for some pre-gaming action is in order. The Birthday Girl bestie can always sense when there’s an eerie vibe in the air. As the crew comes through for some pre-litation libations there seems to be no signs of celebration in sight. Enter the Birthday Girl, bonnet on, bathrobe, big t-shirt and (wait for it) sweats. The dreadful birthday blues has struck.

It’s Her party. She can cry if she wants to.

Lesley Gore had it right. A cringe worthy tale of a birthday gone bad. If the Birthday Girl is down in the dumps, it’s only right to try to cheer her up. Treat the bawling BG to a rejuvenating spa day to lift her spirits. Sometimes a medi-pedi or facial is the perfect remedy for sadness.

Misery loves company. Sometimes the best support is just to be present. With a serious case of birthday blues, jump into some jammies, light some essential oils or candles and sulk with the bluesy babe. Cake and ice cream served in bed with the besties is a subtle way to raise spirits.

Typically, birthdays are filled with awesome plans that reflect the celebration. When the Birthday Girl is hit with the birthday blues it is important to be receptive to what may be troubling them. In times where the fretful fortitude is unwarranted, it is still up to those closest to recognize and empathize. Birthday blues can be an opportunity to uplift and empower. Remind her of the goddess she is and reaffirm the strength within. When the fog clears and the mascara is washed, the Birthday Girl will be grateful she has friends that were by her side through the birthday blues.

Written by Lexi Fantroy

How To Celebrate Your Birthday On A Workday

How To Celebrate Your Birthday On A Workday

Working on your birthday is never ideal. Yet when the paperwork is piling up and the proposal is on a deadline, priorities must be set. No worries! There are plenty of ways you can still celebrate your birthday through a busy day.

Before Work – Dress it up!


Put on an outfit that makes you feel fab. Today is the day to shine brighter than usual. When you look good, you feel good. If your job requires uniform, grab an ‘It’s my birthday’ pin to notify the public of this special day. Birthday Girl BOSS Tip– Tie a single balloon to the back of your desk chair to dazzle up the workspace.

In the Meeting – Add a little floral to the penmanship

Before the meeting, listen to a motivating soundtrack that’ll have you walking in, head held high.

Tape a flower, a pin or sticker onto your stationary in the highly anticipated meeting with the team. Having even a little razzle dazzle will be sure to lift your spirits through the lecture.

Lunchtime – Call in the Co-Womans

Set aside time in the day to have a good lunch with the girls. Set up the work hour to grab a quick bite at a place of your choosing. Can’t catch a break? Order an amazing bite to be delivered to your desk.

Mid-day drag – Celebrate for a cause

Facebook has given users the opportunity to dedicate birthdays to a cause. Do some research and find a cause that is meaningful to the next chapter. Facebook will generate a donation post for collection. Birthday Girl BOSS Tip: Donating to different organizations can turn into a profitable return on your taxes.

Leaving work/ After work – HAPPY HOUR

Ask the co-worker crew, text the real-world friends and meet up for happy hour! It is time to unwind and truly bask in the day dedicated to being numero uno! Make sure to grab a toast to YOU!  Taco Tuesday’s or Wine down Wednesdays are a dime a dozen.

No Birthday Girl wants to work on her special day. Changing small elements throughout the day change the perspective on an unfavorable situation. Finding gems in every situation create appreciation for the little things. All around people will acknowledge the change in glow. Business is always business. Today, is personal.

Written by Lexi Fantroy


Romantic Birthday Getaway

Romantic Birthday Getaway

Birthdays are personal holidays dedicated to celebrating your existence. It’s the one day where it’s okay to be self-absorbed. Most of us with a significant other expect to be spoiled on the anniversary our birthday. Here are some awesome ideas to romancing the Birthday Girl’s special day.

  1. Make a card

Handmade cards are highly underestimated on the sweetness scale. Check out how to make a Pop-Up card here:

  1. Hike to a Picnic


 Take a hike to a scenic place (atop a mountain, lakeside or grassy knoll) and set up a picnic. Not by nature? Get to a secluded place in the park. A private nook under a tree is the perfect place for play in the shade.

  1. Couples Karaoke

 Sing you love for each other (or yourself) to the heavens! Need help on requesting? Here’s a playlist of duet songs: https://www.buzzfeed.com/gracespelman/shout-out-to-all-the-karaoke

  1. Bubble Bath Spa Treatment


There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot, steaming bubble bath. Run some hot water, grab some Epson salt and get a scrub down. Birthday Girl Boss Tip:

  1. Make some Sweet Treats

 Baking is an intimate activity full of aphrodisiacs. Chocolate, batter, sprinkles all make for a tasty night with your significant other. An alternative to culinary coupling is fondue. Melting chocolate over cheese and fruits may sound old school, but fondue can turn into quite the bonding experience.


10 Unique Birthday Experiences

10 Unique Birthday Experiences

Birthdays are the perfect opportunities to celebrate all the qualities that make the Birthday Girl special. Any reason to step out from the basic festivities is a chance to explore new possibilities. Here are 10 Unique experiences to do for your birthday.

  1. Sip-N-Paint

Related image

BYOB paint classes have recently made a boom across the country. Grab some wine and good company to create special artwork to take home. This interactive class has proven to be therapeutic and rewarding.

  1. On a Roll

Image result for sushi roll

Taking a sushi rolling class is an awesome learning experience and get some great food in the process. Let profession sushi chefs guide you through the art of rolling sushi. Attaining this skill will (with practice) prove as an awesome party trick.

  1. Escape Room

Image result for escape room

Another boom in interactive experiences is escape rooms. In these simulations, a group gets locked in a scenario and has to depend on each other to escape. This activity requires problem solving and strategic wit. Escape rooms are perfect for the witty, puzzle solving Birthday Girl.

  1. Be a Savage

Image result for savage race

For the Birthday Girl into fitness Savage races are a great way to celebrate while getting a good workout. Color run, Spartan Race and Warrior Dash are a few companies that tour obstacle course events. Challenge yourself to make it through the climbing, crawling, swimming and running. Check listings to register in your city.

  1. Gun Range

Image result for gun range

There’s a bit of badass in every Birthday Girl. Release some tension at the local gun range. Check local gun ranges for Ladies night specials.

  1. Sky Diving

Image result for skydiving

There’s nothing like an adrenaline rush to celebrate survival of years past. Pick a sunny day to take a quick jump with the assistance of the pros behind you. The energy will serve as a reminder of how awesome it is to be you!

  1. Silent Party

Image result for silent party

At first, the idea of standing in a room full of people wearing headphones sounds like an airport lobby more than a party. Silent parties have become the newest wave in the celebration scene. The headphones have channels which allow you to choose the vibe. Gone are the days of yelling in a loud room to converse. Silent parties give the freedom to groove to the music and take a break from it when needed.

  1. Glass Blowing

Image result for Glass Blowing

Glass Blowing is a unique class that requires patience and steady hands. Create wonderful artwork to take home as a birthday gift to yourself, from yourself, made by yourself!

  1. Be a Drag

Image result for drag queen

Grab the girls and the gays; it’s time to go DRAG! What was once an underground party for the LGBTQI+ community is now a respected glam scene! Cocktails will flow aplenty while watching a show filled with dangerous divas of the drag world. Death drop dances and lip-syncs galore will have you amazed and cheering for more!

  1. Hot Air Balloon rides

Image result for Hot Air Balloon rides

This adventurous activity is sure to be a breathtaking experience. Best with a significant other or bestie, taking the Birthday Girl to new heights is priceless.


Written By: Lexi Fantroy