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You Know You’re a Scorpio When…

You Know You’re a Scorpio When…

Mmm, tasty zodiac birthday cake!

Feeling you got a sting to your personality? Are you mostly independent? Do you love pumpkin lattes?! (kidding!) We’ll give you some telltale signs on being a Scorpio with our zodiac101 lowdown on the zodiac facts! Read on to find out if you’re true to your Zodiac!

You’re FIERCELY independent and proud of it.

No one is holding you down! Scorpios love being independent, on their own, and don’t seek the reliance of others for social reasons. You live your life the way you want!

You have a tight knit circles of BFFs that got your back.

Making friends can be a challenging experience sometimes. Scorpios pride trustworthiness and honesty in all friendships and relationships. Once people won your trust and respect, you’ll love them deeply and intensely.

You have your moody days too.

Sometimes scorpios just have to sting, and sometimes their emotions get a little too out of wack, but hey, don’t we all get our bad days?

You’re successful because you hustle!

Scorpios make the best doctors, lawyers, and business people because they always give it their all no matter what task they have because they are intensely motivated to reach their goals and not give up. Scorpios also have great money sense and don’t spend money all willy-nilly either!

If you meet most of the signs, you’re most likely a Scorpio yourself! What other ways are you a Scorpio? Let us know in the comments below!

The Best Birthday Gifts For Sagittarius Birthday Girls

The Best Birthday Gifts For Sagittarius Birthday Girls

Hey Birthday Girls!

Looking for the best birthday gift for a friend? Is her birthday soon? Is she a Sagittarius? We’ve got the perfect birthday gift ideas for her!

Drinking set with party games

Sagittarius birthday girls tend to love birthday partying and any kind of party. You can get her a birthday drink set with sayings like “happy birthday”, “Happy 21st!”, “celebrate” and so on the drink. A set of shot glasses is totally cool for a house birthday party. For party games, it can be anything from adult mad libs, board games for drinking games, or fun/silly trivia games for all to enjoy. Sagittarius birthday girls love partying, so get her a gift that really relates to her lifestyle.

Comedy club night

Sagittarius birthday girls are the most humorous of the zodiacs, so why not a girls night out to a comedy club? Depending on where you are you can easily find comedy clubs with local comedians or even big name hits in city clubs. Sometimes comedians will disguise themselves in a fake name, so if you go to one of those events, you may see a comedian that’s famous.

A weekend mini adventure

Or even a weekend vacation. Sagittarius birthday girls love celebrating, having fun with no worries. They don’t like mundane details nor things that take too long to plan or set up. So create an adventure trip with her. Maybe she likes rock climbing or exploring new parts of the city. It could even be a surprise spa treatment for her birthday. Plan that up and text her on her birthday and she’ll be ready to celebrate her birthday in the most fun way.

Sagittarius birthday girls love birthday gifts that help them celebrate, they love laughing and being social, and having fun without having to plan out the little details as they’re free-spirited and independent. Make it super fun with her birthday gift and you got a great birthday experience for her.

5 Signs You’re a Certified Sagittarius Birthday Girl

5 Signs You’re a Certified Sagittarius Birthday Girl

It’s Sagittarius season and it’s all about our Sagittarius birthday girls. Are you a true Sagittarius? Do you exhibit all your zodiac features? Read on if you’re true to your zodiac or not!

You’re the clown at the birthday party

Sagittarius birthday girls love to joke. You’re known for having a great sense of humor. You also enjoy other birthday party guests who love to laugh and joke around too.

You’re also the life of the birthday party too.

You’re often extroverted and enthusiastic for whatever social event or activity comes your way. Sagittarius zodiacs are often the happiest of the zodiac signs. So party on!

You want your birthday party your way

Independent and free-spirited, you love to do things your way and how you want it. You feel your birthday party should be the same! You may want a specific birthday theme or visualize your birthday party at an upscale, modern place. Whatever you want for your birthday, you can see and you will do.

More friends bring more birthday fun.

Since you’re extroverted, it makes sense you love as many friends at your birthday party too. The more the merrier. Bonus if family members come to the birthday party.

You party even when it’s not your birthday!

After-work party? Weekend drinks? Nothing is off limits when it’s not your birthday. Nothing wrong with partying like it’s yo birthday!

The Birthday Guide for Capricorn Birthday Girls

The Birthday Guide for Capricorn Birthday Girls

It’s the holidays but most importantly, it’s your birthday! Let us help you kick start your birthday party right with a guide on celebrating that birthday, zodiac-style! This is also perfect if you’re making a birthday party for a fellow Capricorn birthday girl! Let’s get started. Read on for more birthday ideas.

Before the party, invite her closest family and friends and other people that she may love at her birthday party. Sending out birthday invites via birthday cards can be a great way since the Capricorn loves a little professionalism and tradition in her life. Taking that extra step to invite someone by formal invitation makes her birthday party a little grander.

Birthday Tip #2: Keep a Capricorn’s birthday on a budget. Capricorns are known for being practical and good at saving money. Thankfully we at Birthday Girl World LOVE saving money while partying hard like an animal, so check out our other blog posts on how to save money on a birthday budget. Some quick birthday budget tips are making your own food, don’t spend too much $$$ at a bar, thrift your own birthday outfit (and shoes), and buy birthday decorations ahead of time. Capricorns, do all these steps and you’re still going to have fun while being practical on your birthday.

Everyone has probably had a traditional, kids birthday growing up where everyone had birthday cake and tons of presents. Capricorns are one of these zodiacs who love and abide by tradition and family values, so make that birthday party as birthday-ish as you want! Streamers on everything, big birthday C A K E, birthday tunes playing, it’s a day to celebrate and a Capricorn birthday girl wants it her way, all day.

And finally, a Capricorn loves structure and control, so it may be a good idea to ask what the Capricorn wants for her birthday party and birthday gifts so she can expect the good stuff in return.

LIKE and SHARE this birthday guide with other fellow Capricorn Birthday Girls! Stay warm and party hard!