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10 Tips for Throwing a Fitness Lover’s Birthday Party in Style

10 Tips for Throwing a Fitness Lover’s Birthday Party in Style

You have a birthday coming up. You know who. It’s that person who loves to get fit, work out, and hit the gym. You want to give the fitness lover in your life the most exciting party ever. Below are some suggestions to get the birthday party ideas churning:

1. Incorporate Age into the Planning

If you know your fitness lover is turning 28, then plan a birthday walk, run, hike, or bicycle adventure to hit the 28-mile/kilometer mark. You can stop along the way for a healthy picnic snack.

2. Throw a Party with All the Right Moves

Throw a dance party with a certain theme, perhaps a decade tribute or a hula hooping party. Get the tunes, necessary props, and costumes going, and the moving and shaking will follow suit.

3. Get the Fitness Teacher In On the Fun

Go to the gym, fitness center, or yoga place where your fitness lover spends time. Ask the instructor about incorporating certain themed music into the fitness lover’s class or ask the yoga teacher to send positive vibes on the special day.

4. Organize Teams

Get into the team spirit. Consider a softball team or a soccer or tennis match, depending on your fitness lover’s favorite pastime and the space and equipment you can purchase. If not an organized sport, put together a series of old-fashioned games, like egg tosses and three-legged races. Surprise your loved one with a trophy at the end, whether they win or lose.

5. Plan a Flash Mob

Surprise your fitness lover at work or at the grocery store with an organized flash mob. You can even find a simple way to get your loved one involved at the last minute. Contact Flash Mob America for help organizing the extravaganza.

6. A Health Food Tour

Instead of crawling for beer and nachos, why not set up a health food crawl to all your loved one’s favorite food spots? If they’re vegan or vegetarian, make a list of all the places in town and create a colorful map to follow. Consider walking or biking the route for extra fitness fun.

7. Plan a Private Class

Contact a local fitness instructor about a private session for your fitness lover and all their closest companions. Consider matching workout clothes for this special session.

8. Alternative Transportation Day

Think of all the ways you can travel that don’t involve a motorized vehicle: kayaking, biking, hiking, and skating. Make it a day-long adventure to only travel via these means. Of course, set up a prize at the end.

9. Create an Obstacle Course

Turn your house into a challenging booby trap for your loved one to get under, around, across, and through. Add a bit of humor to the course while you’re at it.

10. Dream Big

Ask your fitness lover the birthday party places of their wildest dreams. Maybe it’s Mars or maybe it’s the beach. Think of the interesting ways Martians might exercise. Bring the dream location to your loved one, complete with a workout routine.

As long as the birthday party plans you make are full of fun, fitness, and friends, you can’t go wrong!  

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