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How To Celebrate The Bohemian Birthday Girl

How To Celebrate The Bohemian Birthday Girl

The modern-day hippies have made a mark for themselves in the digital native era. Women are connecting to their ancestral background and reconnecting to their universal power. Mystical matrons usually don’t require the fancy, high-end glam of the normal girl. It is best to celebrate the bohemian Birthday Girl with gifts and experiences that will stimulate their greater purpose and evolution. Here are some ideas to display gratitude for the goddess on her special day.

  1. Get Dirty (nature trails, planting/gardening, etc.)

What better way to get grounded than to dig into the soil? Take the Birthday Girl with the green thumb to Home Depot or Lowe’s, grab tools and seeds and get to work! Spend the day connecting with Mother Earth; nourishing the land. Top it off with some fresh (spiked) lemonade for a refreshing mist in the day.

  1. Physical Restoration

Another great way to bring in the new chapter is by pampering. Catering to the body for rejuvenation can bring just the right element to a birthday. Ancient practices like acupuncture, Reiki and hot yoga have proven to purify the body and mind.

  1. Create and Craft

Crafts are always a great way to show appreciation for loved ones. Find a good DIY project and create something that will last a lifetime. Dream-catchers, bath bombs and candles are easy DIY activities that you can do solo and give as a gift or create together

  1. Visit a mystic

The world is full of powerful mystics connected to the spiritual realms. Keep an open mind and delve into the spirit with reiki healers, tarot card or palm readers. These experiences can be (third) eye opening and therapeutic. BG BOSS Tip: Do research on healers. Not everyone posing as a mystic is as Zen as they claim. Check reviews and reputation before scheduling any appointments.

  1. Retreat

Whether you’re in need of healing, urging for uplift or just want to be in a peaceful place, there is a retreat made for the cause. Retreat from the hustle of everyday life to make new connections and get quality RnR.

Written By: Lexi Fantroy

Romantic Birthday Getaway

Romantic Birthday Getaway

Birthdays are personal holidays dedicated to celebrating your existence. It’s the one day where it’s okay to be self-absorbed. Most of us with a significant other expect to be spoiled on the anniversary our birthday. Here are some awesome ideas to romancing the Birthday Girl’s special day.

  1. Make a card

Handmade cards are highly underestimated on the sweetness scale. Check out how to make a Pop-Up card here:

  1. Hike to a Picnic


 Take a hike to a scenic place (atop a mountain, lakeside or grassy knoll) and set up a picnic. Not by nature? Get to a secluded place in the park. A private nook under a tree is the perfect place for play in the shade.

  1. Couples Karaoke

 Sing you love for each other (or yourself) to the heavens! Need help on requesting? Here’s a playlist of duet songs: https://www.buzzfeed.com/gracespelman/shout-out-to-all-the-karaoke

  1. Bubble Bath Spa Treatment


There’s nothing more relaxing than a hot, steaming bubble bath. Run some hot water, grab some Epson salt and get a scrub down. Birthday Girl Boss Tip:

  1. Make some Sweet Treats

 Baking is an intimate activity full of aphrodisiacs. Chocolate, batter, sprinkles all make for a tasty night with your significant other. An alternative to culinary coupling is fondue. Melting chocolate over cheese and fruits may sound old school, but fondue can turn into quite the bonding experience.


Traveling For Your Birthday

Traveling For Your Birthday

Whether you’re a Birthday Girl from the crazy city or quiet country, celebrating your day in the same town can become quite boring. Yes, the usual bar plays okay music. The popular bistro may have awesome spinach artichoke dip. These things don’t resonate the same on that special day of celebration. Switch up the scene! It’s time to call up the crew, pack the bags and TRAVEL!


Planning a Birthday Girl trip can be easier than most would expect. The most important things to consider are dates, location and travel. Consider how far the birth date is and what season it will fall upon. If the next birthday is in six or more months, you’re in luck! The possibilities for location are endless. Searching travels by date and season can land the celebration across the country. A Birthday Girl doesn’t just change scenes, she changes states. If the birth date is approaching, consider a weekend getaway outside the usual environment.

Girls from a small town, visit the next big city over. Ladies of the city should try a place filled with nature. Road trips are the best for a quick pack-n-go celebration! Next, is where to stay. For shorter trips, grab a great hotel deal from travel sites. For longer trips, book an Air BnB or boarding house (international). Once dates, mode of travel and boarding are solidified, it’s time to plan activities!

What To Do and with Whom

Visualizing the scene from the outfits to the activity can help plan out a timeline. Are you in a sundress eating ice cream by little shops? Or are we stripping off our jackets to gather warmth from the cabin fireplace? Writing down ideas and doing a little research can take truly customize the experience. During the visualization, was anyone else present? If the answer is no, there is no need to feel guilty. After all, it is about YOU.

Solo trips can be an empowering experience. Make sure to leave an itinerary and contact numbers with a trustworthy person for safety reasons. A trip with a significant other is a great way to celebrate! Get some good quality time on a baecation can prove to be a gift itself. Planning a group trip can be hectic. Everyone has opinions, objections, situations for consideration, blah, blah, blah. Remember, this trip is about the Birthday Girl. Plan for the experience that will reflect this birthday’s significance to share for a lifetime. Group trips are a great way to bond with the crew!

BG Boss Tips:

  • Sign-up for email blast from preferred airlines, travel sites or hotels for budget saving deals!
  • Winter BG wants a summer feel? Go international! Traveling across the globe allows a switch of weather pattern. New Zealand’s summer weather comes in November!
  • Map out stops in between state lines for group pictures.
  • THINK LIKE A LOCAL! When travelling consider how the locals roam. Busier cities like New York have accessible public transit. Cities like Atlanta or Miami you may consider renting a car. Of course, Lyft and Uber are available in most places. If travelling international, research methods of transit prior to visit.
  • Splitting the cost between the crew is a great way for everyone to save money!

The world is infinite, full of life and adventure. There is so much to see outside of where one comes from. Start the new chapter of life with a new life experience. Find a place that stimulates interest. Dive into what other regions have to offer. Life is too short to stay in one place. Yet, it is just long enough to find all the places to explore.

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The Ultimate Summer Birthday Travel Guide 2018

The Ultimate Summer Birthday Travel Guide 2018

Summer is winding down, but it’s not over just yet. If you’re a summer baby (a Cancer, Leo, or Virgo), then there’s still time to plan your birthday trip around the sun. Whether you go with a group of friends or your favorite family members or travel solo, here are some birthday trip ideas just for you.

The Big Apple

New York is happening during any season. In the summertime, you can stroll through Central Park, take a ferry ride, and say hello to the Statue of Liberty. You can even catch a Broadway show while you’re at it. Get yourself on the Hamilton waitlist or check out Tina Fey’s Mean Girls or a classic, like The Lion King or Wicked. Remember that there are discounted tickets for select shows at the TKTS booth in Times Square. If you want to bypass the tourist spots, you can meander through the diverse neighborhoods, Soho, Greenwich Village or Williamsburg, eating at off-the-beaten path pubs and restaurants.

A Californian Safari

For a good time on the opposite side of the United States, consider Safari West in Napa. Relax in one of the luxury cabins while having a close encounter with an exotic animal on the 400-acre wildlife preserve.  


The United States has a wonderful West and East Coast, but there’s a whole bunch of activity in the middle of the country, too. If you decide to do a cross-country road trip, don’t forget about Lexington County in the heart of Bluegrass Country. Tour the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and take in the historic charm, while staying at an inn that features antiques and other interesting relics.


A beach in summertime? Obviously! In Florida, you can fly into Miami and dance the night away. The next day when you finally wake up, rent a car for a scenic drive to the Florida Keys, where you can explore the cat-filled summer home of author Ernest Hemingway or snorkel in the waters with the sea life.

Beaches Aren’t Just in Florida

Consider the white sandy beaches of San Diego, CA or along the Oregon coastline. You can also choose from one of many beaches in Texas, private like Boca Chica or ready for partying like Galveston Island.

New Zealand

If getting out of the U.S. for an adventure is in your budget and up your alley, then check out jet boat rides along the Shotover River Canyons in New Zealand. As you move through the canyon, you can stop from time to time to get an in-depth look at the breathtaking scenery.


If you’re looking for an international adventure a little closer to home, then look no farther than Playa Mujeres Resort in Cancun. This resort is full of sandy beaches, golf courses, spa centers, and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Your summer birthday trip is full of possibilities. Wherever you go, all you need are a camera and a plane ticket (or a car with a full tank of gas). Don’t be afraid to forge into new territories and make long-lasting memories!