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Birthday Planning 101

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How to Plan Your Best Friend’s Birthday in Style

How to Plan Your Best Friend’s Birthday in Style

It’s that time again! Your best friend in the world has a birthday approaching, and maybe you feel the pressure to wow her and all your friends — to top last year’s Boutique Binge or the previous year’s Disco Night. Oh, the weight of the world!

But, don’t panic. We are here to offer some fantastic ideas for best friend birthday gifts, as well as the trendiest, most exciting birthday party schemes of the year. Read on!

Best Friend Birthday Gifts and Party Ideas

Some of the best gifts for best friends are themed gifts that go along with your birthday party idea. How excited will the birthday girl be when you give her that themed gift before you kick off the party? It’ll be her sneak peak into the events that follow! Here are some ideas for the perfect party and the gifts that go with them!

The Barefoot Backyard Taco Buffet

Invite all your closest friends and family to enjoy a party in the backyard. There is only one rule — everyone must take their shoes off at the door. Offer delicious Mexican cuisine, buffet style. Grab a string of bulb lights and the piñata and turn on the tunes! You’ll have a dance party going before you know it, and the birthday girl will never forget this simple, yet memorable evening with family and friends!

One great best friend birthday gift idea for this kind of party is a razzle dazzle Birthday Girl t-shirt from our extensive selection — a favorite being the Gold Box Birthday Shirt.  It’s simple and classy and will show your birthday bestie how much you love her. It’s comfortable, yet stylish, so she can dance all night! And, why not complete the outfit with a pair of our Skinny Black Gold Zippered Pants?

The Big 21: The Mixology Sleepover

Perhaps, your birthday girl is turning the big 21! In this case, you might choose to go in a whole different direction for your best friend birthday gifts and party! Invite all the gals in for a mixology party and sleepover. Everyone comes to the party with one dish and one accompanying customized cocktail of choice! Stay in with the gals and throwback to the old days with a sleepover. Check out the Birthday Girl shot glass for the ultimate cherry on top!

A Night Out on the Town — Grace Kelly Style!

Let’s go out on the town! Invite your friends to put on their classiest, most “Grace Kelly” gown that they own — the dress that we never get to wear! Grab your pearls and head on out to the local speakeasy. You’ll make your birthday girl feel like she’s a film star in an old picture. For a gift, top off the birthday girl’s attire with a Birthday Girl Crown Headband or an elegant rhinestone pin.

A Night to Remember

No matter the birthday gift or party idea, this will no doubt be a night to remember. Be sure to browse all our Birthday Girl items for the perfect best friend birthday gifts for your ultimate party scheme. Start planning and party on!

21st birthday party ideas for her

5 Most Memorable 21st Birthday Party Ideas for Her

5 Most Memorable 21st Birthday Party Ideas for Her

She is turning the big 21, and you are taking the planning seriously. You have one night to celebrate the beautiful woman that she has become and — let’s not kid ourselves — her coming of age. Whether the birthday party is for your sister, girlfriend or best friend in the world, we are here to offer you 5 of the most memorable 21st birthday party ideas for her!

A Drinking Scavenger Hunt

Line up a huge scavenger hunt across different locations in town with prizes and mini bottles of alcohol along the way. Let the birthday girl drink as you go! End the scavenger hunt at the hottest dance club in town and shimmy the night away!

Backyard Birthday and Stargazing

Looking for a more low key evening? Invite your friends and family over for a backyard birthday party. Grab your string lights, turn on the tunes and host an old-time dance party. Put out a row of metal barrels filled with ice and have guests bring local craft beers, ciders and wines from the area. When things calm down and guests mostly clear out, grab a cozy blanket, a Hot Toddy and that birthday girl and sit under the night sky for a nightcap of stargazing! She will never forget such a memorable and unique 21st birthday.

A Wine Tasting

Perhaps, your birthday girl is a homebody! You can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned birthday wine tasting at home. Buy a handful of tasty wines, a folly book and some tasting placemats. Make up a scrumptious plate of gourmet cheeses and snacks and make sure you have enough wine glasses for everyone!

Weekend in New Orleans

If you’ve got a bigger budget and looking to do it up, there is no greater place for a 21st birthday party than New Orleans! It is for sure high on a girls wishlist! Have the ladies put on their best and hop on down to Bourbon Street to experience the magic of the city’s night life and music scene. For day two, visit the beautiful French Quarter and cemetery and take a Voodoo tour. There is so much to explore in New Orleans, and your birthday girl won’t be disappointed.

A Themed Night

Take a moment and think of that one quirky obsession that the birthday girl has always had since she was a little girl. Is it Disney movies or Lord of the Rings? Is she a sports enthusiast or obsessed with French culture? No matter the quirk, host all your friends for a themed birthday party!

If the theme is Harry Potter, have all the guests dress up like a character from the world, kick out the dry ice and movie sound tracks, and prepare Butter Beer! This is definitely one of the top 21st birthday party ideas for her.

Another fantastic theme for a birthday party is the Zodiac. For food, the four elements of astrology are earth, wind, fire and water, so try to form your menu accordingly — for fire, prepare a spicy dish like enchiladas or hot wings. For games and entertainment, book a fortuneteller who can offer palm readings and Tarot card readings. As a gift, buy the guest of honor a Birthday Girl zodiac necklace based on her sign!

Birthday Girl

Whether you choose a weekend in The Big Easy or a classy wine tasting in, your birthday girl will never forget the party you throw. For more 21st birthday party ideas for her check out Birthday Girl World to see our extensive selection of gifts and party favors.  

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3 Birthday Ideas that Will Make Your Girlfriend Swoon

3 Birthday Ideas that Will Make Your Girlfriend Swoon

Birthdays are, undeniably, fun days. No one’s arguing that. There are balloons, cake, presents (the reason for the season), birthday dinners, parties, the whole shebang. Everything sounds good, right? Well, there is one birthday coming up that is gonna give you some pause…your girlfriend’s. What do you do? The presh is on. Maybe you’re doing a google search —  “birthday ideas for girlfriend” and things are looking sparse. But before you hit the panic button, Birthday Girl is here to help. Let us take you through some birthday ideas for how to celebrate and what to get your girlfriend for her birthday!

1. Picnic Lunch

For a late lunch, take her out for a picnic in the park. Have it all prepped — a picnic blanket, a bottle of wine or some cold brews, plenty of snacks and your portable speaker for some fun tunes. Don’t forget to bring the bug spray and sunscreen — showing her that you have thought of the details will only make her swoon more!

2. Evening Entertainment

Ask your lady to dress for a surprise evening out. Be sure to give her specific instructions on appropriate attire; that is important to girls. Before you leave the house, give her your gift. The Zodiac Sign Necklace from Birthday Girl is perfect! Give her a little speech about why you love her and some of your favorite qualities in her. She will feel so special.

Then, take her to a show or event. Perhaps, it’s sipping on cocktails at a jazz club or attending a theatre production of Chicago! If she’s a sports enthusiast, take her to a professional game accompanied by some popcorn and a cold craft. Whatever it is, remember that we ladies love to be surprised, especially when we see you’ve planned the details and really put some thought into it.

3. Social Bug or the Shy Type?

Take into account how your lady likes to party? Is she the shy type and maybe prefers the one on one time for her birthday? Is she a social bug? For her, consider planning a get-together with friends and/or family. It’s all about considering her style, interests and personality.

For the extroverted social bug, take her on a walking tour of your city or town. She can be out and about, while getting to know some of the other people on the tour, as well as learn more about her home. Like I said before, prep the details — sunscreen, hat, water bottles, her walking shoes, etc. Just make sure she will be comfortable! In the evening, meet up with family and friends for a rooftop restaurant celebration. Avoid a disaster and be sure to make reservations. Give the restaurant details on how many will be in your party, ask if you can bring a tray of cupcakes and candles, and make sure they know it’s for a special birthday!

Final Tip for Birthday Ideas for Girlfriend: Reconnaissance

We would like to leave you with one final tip. You can’t plan the perfect birthday without some intel. In all areas of a relationship, you should be listening. The same goes for birthdays. What are her favorite things? Is she a reader, an athlete, an art fan, a fashion fan? Always be sure you’re listening for clues — this is a year round ordeal. But you don’t have to do this alone. You can always ask family and friends for great birthday ideas. So listen well, ask around, take notes, and get crackin’ on planning!

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Birthday for a Virgo

The Ultimate Guide to Planning the Perfect Birthday for a Virgo

One of your best friends has a birthday coming up, and OMG it’s gonna be amazing! You’re feeling inspired and want to throw this incredible person a birthday party. There’s just one problem — it’s a Virgo birthday. HOW DO YOU PLAN A VIRGO BIRTHDAY?! Now, virgos are obviously amazing people. They make dedicated friends, they’re witty, and they’re generous. They can also be perfectionists, uptight, and (if we’re being honest) a little preachy. So, how do you throw a birthday for this person? Don’t worry! Birthday Girl has got your back. Read on for our ultimate guide to planning the perfect birthday for that special virgo in your life.

The ABCs of Virgos

In case you’re unsure what makes a virgo, here are some helpful details. Virgo birth dates go from August 23rd – September 22nd. Their zodiac symbol is the virgin. As we laid out above, their personality profiles include the following traits: detailed, efficient, precise and analytical. They can also be a bit of a health nut, so maybe go easy on the quadruple chocolate cupcakes and go triple this time out. While they can be a little self-involved, they can also be very warm, while making great conversationalists.

Presents Please!

Ok. So, we’ve covered the basics on virgos. It’s time to talk virgo gifts. Presents are, after all, the reason for the season. Might we recommend a Virgos Do It Better t-shirt. These shirts are the perfect way for your virgo friend to let their flag fly! Made in the USA (sweatshop free) from fine jersey cotton, these shirts are reasonably priced, come in white or black, and make a truly incred gift! They also serve a separate purpose: each sale funds suicide prevention and awareness programs. If you’re friends with a great virgo, grab them a shirt today!

It’s almost impossible to live in this world without our phones. You have to take care of them because they are our lifelines to our friends and, truly, the world. Which is why we also recommend the Virgo Black Phone Wallet and Virgo Pink Phone Wallet. Both of our amazing phone wallets will protect your phone from the elements (seriously, it’s a jungle out there). They are also friendly to our environment as they are made from animal-safe, leather-like material. Environmentally-friendly, animal-safe and leather-like material! They even have RFID (radio-frequency identification) protection material built in to protect you and your friends from electronic pickpockets.

And if you’re still looking for great gift ideas, check out the rest of our online store. We’ve got all the gift options you’ll need for that fun virgo in your life, as well as the rest of your friends.

The To-Do List

So now that we’ve covered the basics and the presents, let’s talk itinerary. What’s a fun activity to do for one of your best pal’s birthdays? Well, if they’re a virgo, we recommend trying an Escape Room. Escape Rooms are physical adventure games usually set around a fun theme. You and your friends will need to solve riddles and puzzles in order to escape the room. This is the perfect activity for virgos since they tend to be detail oriented and analytical. Some themes will include dungeons, space stations, zombie apocalypse. Do a search to see what the best Escape Room is in your town.

Another fun activity for a detail-oriented virgo is taking a cake decorating class. Go precise or crazy decorating a delicious cake and then, the best part, eat the cake!

Birthday Girl

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for an upcoming virgo birthday, or anyone else on the zodiac calendar, look no further than Birthday Girl! We’ve got all the tips and tricks for the perfect celebration for your best friends!

virgo birthday

How to Create the Best Virgo Birthday She’ll Never Forget

How to Create the Best Virgo Birthday She’ll Never Forget

If there is a special female in your life, no doubt you want to celebrate her all the time. And if that someone is a Virgo, her birthday is fast approaching–what better way to show her you care than with the best Virgo birthday — one she will never forget? This birthday is your chance to shower her with birthday wishes and gifts that reflect her personality. Read on to learn more about traits of Virgos and how you can create a Virgo horoscope birthday that will touch her heart.

What Makes a Virgo Stand Out?

Virgos, whose birthdays fall between August 23 and September 22, are known for their practical and careful nature, which can have its pluses and minuses. Virgos tend to be analytical and hardworking, very organized, and detail oriented. While those are positive traits, sometimes Virgos can place so much emphasis on detail that they get caught up in trying to attain perfection. They may criticize themselves and others, worry, and have a hard time moving on from a project that is not just right. Virgos are often on the shy side and dislike being the focus of attention. But underneath a practical exterior, a Virgo woman has a loving heart. Whether you are a family member or a romantic love interest, she wants you to show her how much you care.

Virgo Bday Gift Ideas

Virgos are known for their attention to detail–so she will definitely notice if you forget her birthday! Plan in advance to create a special Virgo birthday for her. Birthday Girl products are a great place to start to create a customized, personalized birthday gift for her. We sell Birthday Girl shirts that will let the whole world know it is her birthday. If it’s her 18th or 21st birthday, we have specialized products for those milestone birthdays. But with her practical nature, your Virgo girl might appreciate a shirt that simply says “Birthday Girl” or “Virgo.” That way she can wear it more than once! We also carry shirts emblazoned with “Virgos Do It Better,” a fun style that makes a great birthday gift but can be worn year-round.    

Another fun yet useful gift is our Virgo Black Phone Case. This phone case makes a perfect gift for the Virgo woman in your life because it combines fun with function. The practical aspect of this phone case will appeal to the organized, planning side of your Virgo–it will protect her phone, an essential tool for her to keep her life running smoothly. Its stylish appearance will show her that you care, and she’ll think of you every time she opens it.

Birthday Girl

If your sister, mother, or girlfriend has a Virgo birthday coming up, consider choosing one of these gifts from Birthday Girl to make her day that much more special. These Virgo gifts will show her that you recognize her particular personality traits and love her for them!

fitness birthday party

10 Tips for Throwing a Fitness Lover’s Birthday Party in Style

10 Tips for Throwing a Fitness Lover’s Birthday Party in Style

You have a birthday coming up. You know who. It’s that person who loves to get fit, work out, and hit the gym. You want to give the fitness lover in your life the most exciting party ever. Below are some suggestions to get the birthday party ideas churning:

1. Incorporate Age into the Planning

If you know your fitness lover is turning 28, then plan a birthday walk, run, hike, or bicycle adventure to hit the 28-mile/kilometer mark. You can stop along the way for a healthy picnic snack.

2. Throw a Party with All the Right Moves

Throw a dance party with a certain theme, perhaps a decade tribute or a hula hooping party. Get the tunes, necessary props, and costumes going, and the moving and shaking will follow suit.

3. Get the Fitness Teacher In On the Fun

Go to the gym, fitness center, or yoga place where your fitness lover spends time. Ask the instructor about incorporating certain themed music into the fitness lover’s class or ask the yoga teacher to send positive vibes on the special day.

4. Organize Teams

Get into the team spirit. Consider a softball team or a soccer or tennis match, depending on your fitness lover’s favorite pastime and the space and equipment you can purchase. If not an organized sport, put together a series of old-fashioned games, like egg tosses and three-legged races. Surprise your loved one with a trophy at the end, whether they win or lose.

5. Plan a Flash Mob

Surprise your fitness lover at work or at the grocery store with an organized flash mob. You can even find a simple way to get your loved one involved at the last minute. Contact Flash Mob America for help organizing the extravaganza.

6. A Health Food Tour

Instead of crawling for beer and nachos, why not set up a health food crawl to all your loved one’s favorite food spots? If they’re vegan or vegetarian, make a list of all the places in town and create a colorful map to follow. Consider walking or biking the route for extra fitness fun.

7. Plan a Private Class

Contact a local fitness instructor about a private session for your fitness lover and all their closest companions. Consider matching workout clothes for this special session.

8. Alternative Transportation Day

Think of all the ways you can travel that don’t involve a motorized vehicle: kayaking, biking, hiking, and skating. Make it a day-long adventure to only travel via these means. Of course, set up a prize at the end.

9. Create an Obstacle Course

Turn your house into a challenging booby trap for your loved one to get under, around, across, and through. Add a bit of humor to the course while you’re at it.

10. Dream Big

Ask your fitness lover the birthday party places of their wildest dreams. Maybe it’s Mars or maybe it’s the beach. Think of the interesting ways Martians might exercise. Bring the dream location to your loved one, complete with a workout routine.

As long as the birthday party plans you make are full of fun, fitness, and friends, you can’t go wrong!