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Birthday Rap for Fall 2018

Birthday Rap for Fall 2018

birthday songs rap

We all know the words…

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you,

Happy birthday dear    name here   , Happy birthday to you

Or if you’re at a restaurant…

Hey everybody! Guess what? There’s a birthday in the house!

Listen. It’s 2018 and I think we can do a little better than that. This is a celebration! Another year around the sun, so let’s get the party started! If you love hip hop, have we got the list for you. Read on for our list of the absolute best and most fun rap birthday songs of the year.

“Birthday” – Flo Rida

Look you can’t start a playlist of birthday rap songs without this one. The song is fun, catchy, and, best of all, it contains the following lyrics: “I don’t want no cake on my birthday, I want my cake everyday!” If you, like us, love celebrating not only your birthday, but birthday week and birthday month, then you’ve gotta start things off with this track from Flo Rida!

“Birthday” – Twista

Twista’s “Birthday” is all about living the high life. And it’s your birthday, so it’s kind of your job to live it up. If you’re missing the inspiration to get out of your house and hit the floor, then bump this track and get to dancing!

“This Is My Party” – Fabolous

Different people have different traditions. For instance, some people like to go shopping. Some like to the beach. Some like spending some me time in the garden (don’t judge us!). “This Is My Party” is the perfect reminder that no matter what, this day is about you! So happy birthday! Go shopping, hit the beach (or the garden), and live your best life!

”In Da Club” – 50 Cent

Ok. You’re well into birthday celebrations at this point. You’ve called your friends and family, you’ve eaten the best food, had a great time at the stores or the beach (or the garden), and you’re ready to kick things up a notch. And, you’ll know it’s time when this 50 Cent track gets going and you hear Fif say, “Go shawty, it’s your birthday!” Time to head out into the night and make some memories!

“Birthday Song (Explicit)” 2 Chainz ft. Kanye West

This song is fun and it’s all about birthdays (and some other stuff) so now that you’re into the evening part of the celebration, blare this track and have fun!

“Birthday Cake” – Rihanna

Full disclosure: This isn’t really a song to be played with families around. Heck there might even be some friends you’d rather not have around for this one. But that’s why this track comes at the end. It’s too good a song not to play, and come on! Every birthday needs at least one Rihanna song.

Birthday Girl

After you’ve put together this all around amazing birthday songs rap playlist, it’s time to switch gears to presents. They are, after all, the reason for the season. Might we recommend one of phone cases. They come in hot pink and black, they’re environmentally-friendly with an animal-safe, leather-like material, AND they are RFID (radio-frequency identification) protected. Get yours today at Birthday Girl!


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