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How to Plan Your Best Friend’s Birthday in Style

How to Plan Your Best Friend’s Birthday in Style

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It’s that time again! Your best friend in the world has a birthday approaching, and maybe you feel the pressure to wow her and all your friends — to top last year’s Boutique Binge or the previous year’s Disco Night. Oh, the weight of the world!

But, don’t panic. We are here to offer some fantastic ideas for best friend birthday gifts, as well as the trendiest, most exciting birthday party schemes of the year. Read on!

Best Friend Birthday Gifts and Party Ideas

Some of the best gifts for best friends are themed gifts that go along with your birthday party idea. How excited will the birthday girl be when you give her that themed gift before you kick off the party? It’ll be her sneak peak into the events that follow! Here are some ideas for the perfect party and the gifts that go with them!

The Barefoot Backyard Taco Buffet

Invite all your closest friends and family to enjoy a party in the backyard. There is only one rule — everyone must take their shoes off at the door. Offer delicious Mexican cuisine, buffet style. Grab a string of bulb lights and the piñata and turn on the tunes! You’ll have a dance party going before you know it, and the birthday girl will never forget this simple, yet memorable evening with family and friends!

One great best friend birthday gift idea for this kind of party is a razzle dazzle Birthday Girl t-shirt from our extensive selection — a favorite being the Gold Box Birthday Shirt.  It’s simple and classy and will show your birthday bestie how much you love her. It’s comfortable, yet stylish, so she can dance all night! And, why not complete the outfit with a pair of our Skinny Black Gold Zippered Pants?

The Big 21: The Mixology Sleepover

Perhaps, your birthday girl is turning the big 21! In this case, you might choose to go in a whole different direction for your best friend birthday gifts and party! Invite all the gals in for a mixology party and sleepover. Everyone comes to the party with one dish and one accompanying customized cocktail of choice! Stay in with the gals and throwback to the old days with a sleepover. Check out the Birthday Girl shot glass for the ultimate cherry on top!

A Night Out on the Town — Grace Kelly Style!

Let’s go out on the town! Invite your friends to put on their classiest, most “Grace Kelly” gown that they own — the dress that we never get to wear! Grab your pearls and head on out to the local speakeasy. You’ll make your birthday girl feel like she’s a film star in an old picture. For a gift, top off the birthday girl’s attire with a Birthday Girl Crown Headband or an elegant rhinestone pin.

A Night to Remember

No matter the birthday gift or party idea, this will no doubt be a night to remember. Be sure to browse all our Birthday Girl items for the perfect best friend birthday gifts for your ultimate party scheme. Start planning and party on!


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